Thomas Garner

Thomas Garner was raised in Southern California, with the beach and the sunset in his soul. He studied art at UCSD at a time when everything was Conceptual and Avant-Garde: Installation Art, Performance Art, Video Art, etc. He was made to feel like his ideas about drawing and painting were heretical.

Thomas went to do his Junior year abroad at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. He fell in love with all things Italian, and there was no turning back. Everything was too exciting and too interesting. He learned directly from the great masters: Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese and Tiepolo.

The love affair with Italy lasted 24 years, living and building a successful career in the fashion business. He worked as a graphic designer for such brands as Diesel, Benetton, Nordica, and as Creative Director at Replay. He published a book of his design work called Casual Design by Thomas Garner, and was a member of the Italy art group, Gruppo Tata, founded by renowned artist Ennio Chiggio in Padova.

He later repatriated to Los Angeles where he worked as Director of Graphic Design for Lucky Brand. He currently works freelance, designing graphics for such clients as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and John Fogerty. He teaches a course at UCLA Extension titled Classical Painting in the Style of the Venetian Masters among other classes. He has exhibited widely from Milan to Los Angeles. See his website at and YouTube channel Thomas Garner.

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